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California police officers have killed nearly 1,000 people in 6 years

Officers in California have killed nearly 1,000 people in six years, according to a Chronicle review of state Department of Justice data that reveals a picture of where violent police encounters occur in the state, and to whom.

But the statistics do not yet offer conclusive results for recent legislative attempts to curtail police violence by toughening the rules of engagement for officers, requiring de-escalation training and bringing in outside investigators when unarmed civilians are killed.

$25M as part of CA Budget Act could go to addressing homelessness

Assemblymember Kevin McCarty spoke with KCRA 3 on how the funding would be used.

“So these monies will go to the county of Sacramento to basically pay for other locations to get homeless off of the parkway into a more appropriate space,” McCarty said.

The bill has support from the Senate president Pro Tem. Assembly speaker and the governor’s office.