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Teachers of recently arrived immigrant students to get help under new law

As soon as Jenna Hewitt King asked students in her senior English class for newcomers to introduce themselves, she knew she was in over her head.

“I saw this look of fear in their faces, like, ‘What? I have to talk out loud?’ There was a lot of whispering in their home language,” said King, who also wrote a commentary about the experience for EdSource. “We were both looking at each other like deer in headlights and you could sense this was not something that any of us were prepared for.”

A new approach to combating addiction in California deserves Gov. Newsom’s support | Opinion

As a state legislator and a lifelong Sacramentan, I see the challenges our communities are facing, and it’s clear to me that we need to be doing things differently. It’s time to think outside the box on issues of public safety and the underlying problems of drug addiction. Most of us know someone suffering from addiction. Our current approach to dealing with substance use disorders is falling woefully short, especially for those in the criminal justice system.

California lawmakers introduce bill to create new entity to handle Sacramento homelessness

State lawmakers have introduced a bill to create an entirely new entity to handle Sacramento’s growing homeless crisis. The effort was in response to a civil grand jury report released last month that recommended a countywide joint powers authority. Assembly members Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento; Stephanie Nguyen, D-Elk Grove; and Josh Hoover, R-Folsom, introduced the bill this week.

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Sacramento lawmaker unveils $5 million for safety improvements on Folsom Boulevard

A California lawmaker has announced the city of Sacramento will receive $5 million for safety improvements on Folsom Boulevard, including a stretch of the roadway in East Sacramento where a mother was struck and killed while picking her daughter up from Phoebe Hearst Elementary School earlier this year. State Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento, unveiled the new state funding on Tuesday. The funds will go toward reducing lanes of Folsom Boulevard between 58th and 65th streets “to calm traffic and reduce conflict points,” McCarty’s office said in a news release.

$1.4 million state budget earmark includes funding to improve Children’s Center playground

Kids taking a tumble at the ASI Children’s Center playground will have a softer landing thanks to a $1 million earmark in the state budget.

Assemblymember Kevin McCarty announced the funding at a Sept. 29 press conference at Sacramento State, outside the center.

“I had the opportunity to put together a list of $25 million to reinvest in a dozen or so projects around Sacramento, and this was certainly one that rose to the top of my list,” McCarty said.

California police officers have killed nearly 1,000 people in 6 years

Officers in California have killed nearly 1,000 people in six years, according to a Chronicle review of state Department of Justice data that reveals a picture of where violent police encounters occur in the state, and to whom.

But the statistics do not yet offer conclusive results for recent legislative attempts to curtail police violence by toughening the rules of engagement for officers, requiring de-escalation training and bringing in outside investigators when unarmed civilians are killed.

$25M as part of CA Budget Act could go to addressing homelessness

Assemblymember Kevin McCarty spoke with KCRA 3 on how the funding would be used.

“So these monies will go to the county of Sacramento to basically pay for other locations to get homeless off of the parkway into a more appropriate space,” McCarty said.

The bill has support from the Senate president Pro Tem. Assembly speaker and the governor’s office.