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2021-2022 Legislative Priorities

2021 Budget Wins 2022 Budget Wins
2022 Legislative Victories 2022 Priority Bills

Take a look at all the bills signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom during the first half of the 2021/2022 legislative session:

2021 Legislative Victories


AB 22 Universal TK: Implements Universal Transitional Kindergarten (TK) for all four-year-olds, and allows school districts to collect average daily attendance (ADA) for these students.

AB 1377 Student Housing: Removes administrative barriers for the three higher education segments to provide more housing for students - Signed by the governor

AB 777 UC Davis-Sacramento Campus Property: Authorizes the Department of General Services (DGS) to transfer property to UCD for low income student and staff housing.

AB 417 Rising Scholars: Establishes a statewide Rising Scholars Program within the California Community College system to support justice-involved students - Signed by the governor

Criminal Justice Reform:

AB 1443 Community Policing: Provides additional community options for trained designees to transport individuals experiencing mental health crises without law enforcement intervention - Signed by the governor

AB 603 Police Abuse Settlements: Establishes transparency for ALL use-of-force payouts by requiring local municipalities to post on their websites how much money was paid in settlements during the prior year

AB 1191 Firearms Tracing: Requires the DOJ to analyze crime gun data to determine trends and patterns on how guns are sold and trafficked, and requires DOJ to produce tracing reports on which licensed firearm dealers are selling recovered crime guns - Signed by the governor

Environmental Protection

AB 504 Green Restaurants: Builds on AB 827, passed in 2019, to ensure theme parks meet state waste diversion goals - Signed by the governor

AB 970 Car Charging: Will streamline building Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure to achieve our air quality and climate goals - Signed by the governor


AB 759 County Officer Elections: Changes election cycle of Sheriffs, District Attorneys  and Assessors to run concurrent with Presidential elections

AB 1466 Racial Covenants: Requires racist language be removed from ALL housing documents when the property changes hands, waives fees, and streamlines the redaction process - Signed by the governor

AB 1542 Yolo Pilot Program: Creates a voluntary Drug Treatment Pilot Program in Yolo County for repeat felons committing drug-related crimes.

2021 Legislative Budget Wins for District 7

This year, I was able to secure millions of dollars from the 2021 California Budget to fund various organizations and projects throughout District 7. Below is a list of all the projects that were funded:

$12 million to the Lower American River Parkway Public Access Improvements

$30 million to spur development for the Sacramento Railyards

$5.7 million to the City of Sacramento for local cannabis licensing programs and grant funding to support local equity programs

$1.8 million to the City of Sacramento for the Sacramento Fairytale Town expansion

$1.5 million to the City of West Sacramento for park improvements

$1 million to the City of Sacramento for the Sacramento LGBT Community Center

$750,000 to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento for the Mandolin Estates housing development in the Glen Elder Neighborhood

$30 million for grants to eligible food banks including Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services

$12 million to Cal Expo and the State Fair

Authorization to use Lot Z at Cal Expo as an emergency homeless shelter

$3 million to Sacramento Municipal Utility District Museum of Science and Curiosity for Public Health Program and Educational Exhibit

$3 million to the California Museum

$1 million for Capital Public Radio for equipment and seating for public performance space at 1010 8th Street in downtown Sacramento

Up to $10 million to the Sacramento River Cats for COVID-19 losses via the California Venues Grant Program

Restored funding for the State Capitol Annex Project 

Restored funding for the California Indian Heritage Center

$1 million to Sacramento City College’s Child Development Center for renovations & improvements to childcare center

$250,000 to the Gender Health Center to help with Workforce development

$125,000 to the Sojourner Truth Museum to fund a library and media center for computers, interactive displays, reading room and workshops

$250,000 to NeighborWorks - Oak Park Farmer's Market for its Veggie Valet mobile refrigerated truck program

$275,000 to Oak Park Little League Field for a scoreboard and field renovations

$275,000 to Airport Little League Field for diamond 4 field renovation, T-ball diamond renovation

$350,000 to Granite Regional Playground to build a children's playground next to the dog park at Granite Regional Park

$450,000 to Alchemist For acquisition of property in the River District for a new food incubator hub known as the Alchemist Public Market.

$100,000 to Sacramento’s Girls on the Run Program for stipends to coaches and fully fund teams at title 1 schools in District 7 that don’t have access to the program.

$1 million to Hiram Johnson High School to fund an afterschool sports program, sports facility, lighting and Career and Technical Education courses

$1 million for improvements to the Winn Park Building for the Latino Center of Art and Culture to take over

$500,000 to Capitol Kids After School Program at schools in the Robla School District focusing on support and services for Occupational Therapy and Speech Development

$150,000 for Street Vendor Training and Assistance

$200,000 to reconstruct a portion of the median on the Jack Rabbit Trail Crossing at Arena Blvd. Improvements will provide a safer bike and pedestrian crossing on the roadway

$250,000 to install new lighting at the Sacramento Softball Complex

2022 Legislative Budget Wins for District 7

This year, I was able to secure more than $50 million from the 2022 California Budget to fund various organizations and projects throughout District 7. Below is a list of all the projects that were funded:



$25 million

Sacramento County - American River Parkway homeless shelter & services

$7.5 million

Sacramento State Childcare Initiative

$5 million

Folsom Boulevard safety improvements

$3 million

Sacramento Metro Air Quality District – shaded bus stops & EV charging stations

$2 million

Sacramento County Office of Education academic & enrichment programs

$2 million

Crocker Art Museum expansion

$2 million

Capitol Public Radio expansion

$1 million

Destination Sacramento – Old Sacramento schoolhouse children’s play area

$1 million

CLARA Performing Arts Studios expansion


Studio T Arts and Entertainment improvements


Hanami Line Tree Initiative


Celebration Arts Theater expansion


Center for Sacramento History renovations


Oak Park Farmers Market


Northgate Parks


George Sim Park Baseball Field renovations


The Creation District building renovations for homeless youth program


Urban Debate League program support


West Sacramento Park


Sacramento Downtown Partnership street lighting and popup shops along K St


Sacramento City Softball Complex lighting


Green Tech Hub program support


Sacramento State Computer Science program equipment


Food Literacy Center security and artwork


Shifa Community Clinic’s refugee program support


Fresher Sacramento restaurant training and food program


We Force/Safe Harbor tiny homes construction for homeless families


College Glen Little League field renovations


Muir Way Park community plan and improvements


Hagginwood Community Association - Alder Creek restoration

Total: 55,528,268



2022 Legislative Victories Part One

2022 Legislative Victories Part 2

2022 Priority Bills


AB 740 Foster Care Youth Expulsions & Suspensions: Protects the educational rights of foster students during school discipline proceedings, helping them stay in school and succeed. 

AB 1491 Adult Education Funding: Ensures adult education resources are properly used in a timely manner to support growing student needs.

AB 1973 Full-Day Kindergarten: Supports working parents with childcare and increases school readiness in children by giving them the time they need to engage in meaningful learning and play

AB 2116 California Serves Pilot Program: Exposes 12th-grade students to community service opportunities in exchange for a stipend to help with college costs

AB 2232 Classroom Ventilation Requirements: Protects students' health and improves classroom air quality by ensuring facilities meet minimum ventilation rates and filtration standards 

AB 2401 Four-Year Teacher Prep Programs: Expedites the teacher credential process - helping students graduate in less time and with less debt

AB 2507 Afterschool Program: Ensure an appropriate portion of existing state and federal afterschool funding is prioritized for middle and high school youth.

AB 2573 Permanent Status for School Employees: Ensures all students have qualified educators by paving a pathway to permanent status and due process protections for all teacher

Higher Education

AB 1232 Immigrant Residency: Enhances recent immigrant's and refugee's educational and employment opportunities by making Community College ESL courses more affordable

AB 1602 2022 Student Housing Revolving Loan Act: Creates student housing beds at below-market rents through a multi-billion dollar self-sustaining fund that will provide zero-interest loans for CA colleges.

AB 1746 Cal Grant Reform Act (Medina/McCarty): Helps students achieve a debt-free college experience by modernizing and expanding access to the Cal Grant program

AB 2422 CSU Investment Flexibility: Allows CSU schools to expand their investment portfolio in order to improve general campus maintenance and capital projects

AB 2456 Full-Time Status for Cal Grant Eligibility - Held in committee: Expands Cal Grant for college students attending summer school


AB 2592 State Buildings Transition to Housing: Transitions underutilized  state buildings downtown into affordable housing

Environmental Protections

AB 2700 ZEV-Ready Grid Planning: Prepares California's electrical grid for the influx of electric vehicles due to the ban of gas-powered vehicles by 2035

Drug Treatment

AB 1928 Hope California - Held in Committee: A voluntary pilot program offered in Sacramento, San Diego, San Joaquin, Santa Clara, and Yolo counties for additional treatment options for those suffering from Substance Use Disorders & committing repeat felonies.

AB 2585 Non-Pharmacological Pain Management: Encourages health plans and insurers to cover FDA-approved non-addictive pain treatment options

Criminal Justice Reform

AB 2778 Race Blind Justice: Tasks the AG to develop a race-blind charging system to prevent bias within the criminal justice system

AB 2761 Death Certificates: Ensures greater transparency on the reporting of deaths  while in the custody of public safety officials

Gun Reform

AB 2551 Firearms: Red Flag Warning: Requires the Department of Justice to notify local law enforcement of attempted firearms and ammunition purchases by prohibited persons.

AB 2552 Gun Show Regulation: Ensures proper background checks and increases the safety and oversight of gun shows in California


AB 547 Domestic Violence Prevention: Protects domestic violence survivors by notifying them of their perpetrator's address when released on probation

AB 759 County Office Elections: Changes the Sheriff, District Attorney, and Assessor elections to coincide with the Presidential elections

AB 777 Aggie Square: Authorizes the Department of General Services to sell state property to UC Davis Medical Center for student housing and a childcare facility

AB 921 West Sac Flood Protection: Helps prevent flooding in West Sacramento by ensuring regional flood projects are funded and built in a timely manner and improving the maintenance of those projects

AB 1014 Cannabis Delivery Modernization Act: Strengthens the legal market and ensures the safety of Californians by increasing the amount of cannabis products licensed retailers can carry during delivery

AB 1348 Youth Football Act: Reduces youth exposure to brain-related injuries by tasking the state surgeon general to study safer ways to play football and establish a minimum age to play tackle football

AB 1577 Unionization Bill: Provides California Legislative Staffers with representation by giving them the option to unionize and collectively bargain

AB 2207 Conservation Corps - Held in Committee: Allow the California Conservation Corps to increase its outreach, broaden its partnerships and update its facilities.

AB 2224 iBuyer Real Estate Transaction: Ensures iBuyers are working with local real estate professionals who have a stake in protecting communities and caring for properties when they're being sold

AB 2616 Contractor Discipline Transparency: Provides greater consumer-friendly information for Californians looking to hire a contractor

AB 2633 Protection of American River Parkway (Cooley/McCarty): Stops unpermitted camping on the American River Parkway and offers alternative shelter locations

AB 2652 CalFresh for Undocumented Students - Held in Committee: Ensures that immigration status is no longer a barrier to students getting the food access they need to succeed

AB 2670 CA RISE - Held in Committee: A re-entry employment development program that provides comprehensive services for those formerly incarcerated and homeless