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2023-2024 Legislative Priorities

2023 Priority Legislation


AB 714 Immigrant/refugee Student Support – Provides more educational support for newcomer students

AB 897 Permanent Status for Adult Educators - Will provide Adult Education teachers with the same rights and protections as their K-12 colleagues

AB 984 High School Financial Literacy Graduation Requirement – Would help high school students with finances by requiring graduating seniors to complete a financial literacy course

AB 1113 Afterschool Programs – Protects access to quality afterschool programs for youth in middle and high school by ensuring program funding is used for them

AB 1165 Hate Incidents in School - Encourages schools to refer the victim and perpetrator of racist bullying, harassment, or intimidation to a restorative justice (RJ) program

AB 1192 Transitional Kindergarten Implementation – Supports TK expansion by giving schools the support and security needed as TK is fully implemented

AB 1699 Classified School Employees - Require all public TK-14 education providers to provide existing classified employees with a right of first refusal to part - and full-time job postings

Higher Education:

AB 25 Debt Free College – Will finish the job at making college debt-free for CA students by helping with non-tuition costs students may face

AB 638 Teacher Training Scholarship Program – Expands the Golden State Teacher Grant Program by including loan forgiveness eligibility for preschool teachers

AB 656 Expanding CSU Doctoral Programs – Allows CSUs to offer more doctoral degrees without having to get legislative approval

AB 897 Permanent Status for Adult Educators – Will provide Adult Education teachers with the same rights and protections as their K-12 colleagues

AB 1245 Free Community College for Childcare Providers – Helps with the CA childcare provider shortage by providing free community college for those going into early childhood education

AB 1390 College Service Learning Requirement – Would require college students to participate in community service as a graduation requirement

AB 1749 Pathway from Community College to UC/CSUs – Provides a single pathway for students to transfer from Community College to a UC or CSU

Police Accountability:

AB 807 Deadly Use of Force – Updates the CA Department of Justice use of force unit to ensure that all police-related deaths are independently investigated

AB 1291 Police Settlements Transparency– Would require excessive force settlements over $50,000 to be disclosed to the public

Environmental Protections:

AB 1504 EV Charging Stations – Will help aid CA in the 2035 transition to electric vehicles by building more curbside charging stations for residents in multi-family dwellings


AB 534 Airport Infrastructure - Grants airports needed flexibility in planning capital expenditures like the new Sacramento Aiport rental car facility 

AB 747 Non-Compete Contracts – Protects CA workers by preventing employers and attorneys from including non-compete clauses in worker contracts

AB 959 Courthouse Sale and Relocation - Permits the state to sell outdated court facilities in Plumas, Sacramento, and Stanislaus counties 

AB 1052 SacRT District Voting - Gives Sacramento Regional Transit Agency (SacRT) flexibility to place measures on the ballot for a public vote using a tailored portion of the region

AB 1086 Sacramento County Homelessness JPA - Creates the Sacramento County Partnership on Homelessness Joint Powers Authority (JPA) to coordinate response and resources to the homelessness crisis 

AB 1360 Hope California - Authorizes Sacramento and Yolo counties to establish a five-year pilot program for secured residential treatment for those with substance use disorders (SUDs) convicted of a drug-motivated crime

AB 1406 Firearm Transfer Delays - Authorizes the DOJ to delay a firearms transfer up to 30 days during a state of emergency to ensure background checks are complete