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Assemblymember Kevin McCarty’s statement on the passing of the 2023-24 California State Budget

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO – “We have a state budget! While this year’s budget is not perfect, I give it an A- grade.  

It’s fiscally responsible and moves California forward -- helping residents, families, and communities.

AB/SB 101 builds upon our transformational investments in education -- expanding TK-12 and community college funding, early childhood education, and childcare programs. We provide more UC and CSU support, including student housing, robust enrollment growth, and start the debt-free college financial aid program.

This spending plan helps ensure a strong foundation and support system for Californians at all levels of education.

Additionally, the budget continues to prioritize our homelessness response by allocating $3.6 billion over 2 years to help local governments tackle this critical issue. And the state will add new accountability metrics to ensure local government collaboration and tangible positive results.”